Can an American Buy Property in Mexico?

Can an American Buy Property in Mexico

Everyone is still determining whether we can buy property as Americans in Mexico. The answer will be yes. It is legal for a foreigner, like an American, to buy property in Mexico. Moreover, it is much easier for the locals, who are Mexican citizens, to purchase the properties. But Americans can buy the property by paying some extra fees for the property they are buying in the desired area.

Foreigners can buy a property within 50 km of the coast or 100 km of a border through a Mexican bank called Fideicomiso. American buyers willing to buy a property in Mexico can build trust in this bank and work with a notary, who will take responsibility for all the paperwork and documents required. The Americans who make real estate transactions in Mexico require the involvement of a notary.

In this blog, you will learn how an American can buy a property in Mexico. Let’s dive in!

1. First, decide where you want to buy and what type of property you want to buy, and conclude with a budget.

2. Make a deal with the sellers and make sure that it comes within your budget, your desired location, and your desired property type.

3. Initially, some documents, like a sale agreement, will be signed before buying the property fully. A Mexican lawyer should write a contract between the buyer and seller.

4. There will be a deposit amount for you to buy the property, which you have to give as per the contract.

5. Once you have paid the full balance of the property, ensure no one takes credit for it. Double-check the agent and the seller for a smooth registration process.

6. Pay all the remaining costs, fees, and taxes per the government’s laws.

7. After paying and closing all the necessary balances to be paid within three months, the public registry gives you the final deed, and then the property is yours now.

The proper timeline will be a maximum of 100 days. Within 100 days, you can complete the whole property-buying process. The above process may vary according to the seller, who sells different property types, for example, beach view, homeland, pre-constructed, fully furnished, etc.


We have given you the details of how an American can buy a property in Mexico, which is completely legal. However, foreigners willing to buy property in Mexico should pay some fees and go through a legitimate process to buy the perfect property of their choice. After you finish all the documents and paperwork formalities, the government will approve your purchase, and the property will be yours.

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